The Reformer


The Reformer is the main piece of equipment used in Pilates exercise. The Reformer glides forward & backward on rollers and uses springs for resistance, along with other attachments, for a wide variety of exercises and positions (i.e. lying down, seated and standing.)

STOTT PILATES® exercise equipment is highly versatile. It facilitates hundreds of exercise variations, is no-impact (and therefore easy on the joints), allows for modifications for those with injuries or conditions, allows for three-dimensional movement and conditioning, and is suitable for a wide variety of clients (from rehab to pro athlete). It also facilitates balanced strength and flexibility, provides eccentric and concentric muscle contraction (resistance on the in and out moves), total musculo-skeletal conditioning (muscles and postural alignment), and facilitates core conditioning and peripheral mobility.

By using springs for resistance, STOTT PILATES equipment provides gradual resistance as your muscles contract, which ensures the muscles are being worked properly. There is greater resistance at the muscle’s strongest point of contraction and less resistance on the initiation and completion of the contraction so there is less stress on tendons and ligaments.

Resistance (in weight) supplied by the springs – Initial tension is 5 lbs for the first inch of tension (for full strength springs), and then increases by approximately 1 lb per inch. Multiply the number of springs and distance travelled to get approximate tension in pounds. On a STOTT PILATES Reformer, four springs are full tension & one is half. (Most people will simply note the number of springs used per exercise).

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